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"Nothing scarier than a girl with a penis!"

Hey, Glee, you want to know what actually scares me? The thought of some trans* kid tuning into this week’s episode because maybe she heard about the trans* character on your show, maybe she loved that Unique was actually allowed to speak up for herself last week, maybe she’s excited and happy about more visibility. And then Kitty—a character who supposedly SUPPORTS Unique—tells Unique, tells everyone at home that nothing’s scarier than a girl with a penis.

Think about what that statement says in context with the last episode. Unique doesn’t deserve to be beaten up. Maybe her gender identity should even be recognized! But it’s okay for “supportive” cis people on the show and in the audience to find her body disturbing. It’s okay to make her body and her identity and her experiences a joke. What that statement says is “we’ll tolerate you, but never forget you’re different, and that you’re different in a way we find fundamentally repellant.” 

No, a girl with a penis isn’t scary. What’s scary, Glee, is that you have a platform to speak about GSM issues to the queer community and the straight community, and you use that platform in ugly, offensive, and anti-human ways. What’s really scary to me is the thought of that hopeful girl (or a boy, or a genderqueer person) sitting down to watch your show tonight, looking forward to seeing herself represented. 

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