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Instant thoughts.

1) I want to put a bow on every single word Santana Lopez said this episode. Every single word. 

2) Ricky Martin was just flawless.


4) So is Sam hanging out with Finn and Kurt during late night warm milk chats, because I hope that’s a thing that’s happening and would very much like to see it on my screen.  

5) Did they really play the romantic couple theme song (I don’t remember what it’s called) when Sue was talking about Will’s pure heart and kindness and I don’t remember what else because I threw up a little in my mouth? Also, uh, I was not ever expecting Sue telling Will to jack off in her office using a picture of her to be a thing that happened in canon and not in my head

6) Kurt and Mercedes being supportive BFFs *______* Kurt trying to talk some sense into Finn *_________________* Still really interested in where they’re going with this Finn/Rachel plotline, tbh. 

7) Maybe it’s partly a reaction to all the ageism I’ve seen directed at Madonna post-Super Bowl this week, but all of the insults directed towards Sue’s age this episode really, really bothered me. The major problem with her becoming a parent is that she’s mentally unstable and apparently the kind of person who would solicit sperm from her underaged students, not that she’s older, ffs. 

8) oh my god how fantastic was Shannon being a supportive friend to Emma *______* 

9) Go sit on a large tack, Will Schuester.

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